Biohotel Mattlihüs Oberjoch

Staying in hotel Mattlihüs will simply make you feel good.

We are located in the mountain village of Oberjoch in the Bavarian Allgäu region close to Bad Hindelang. Our new annex makes our hotel the first German Holz100 Eco-Hotel built completely from wood without the use of glue or nails. According to Feng Shui rules it is an example for natural atmosphere, quality sleep and a conscious way of living.

Located in unique ambience at 1200m sea level the hotel offers perfect possibilities for your retreat: In winter you find yourself in the middle of the skifield and in summer you are surrounded by beautiful herb meadows.

Check out what our herb garden provides for kitchen and well-being. Get new inspiration or chose activities in the splendid outdoors such as climbing, hiking or skiing. S imply do what you feel is best for your naturally everlasting recovery.

The Geißler family welcomes you warmly to Mattlihüs

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