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Member of the BIO HOTELS association

Since 2011, Mattlihues has been a member of the BIO HOTELS association— an association of sustainable hotel businesses. Each of the now more than 90 hotels is unique in its own way. The hotel owner, Alexander Geißler, likes to tell you what makes Mattlihues something very special:

What motivated me to become a member of the BIO HOTELS association?

Our new building in Feng Shui and building biology demanded a holistic approach. The BIO HOTELS concept was therefore the ideal complement to our sustainable hotel concept.

How has your family business developed over the course of its 70-year history?

My grandmother started catering to skiers in 1949 with a tea hut. Later, she also offered rooms for overnight stays. When my parents joined the family business, the mountain hotel Mattlihaus was finally established. In the mid-1990s, I finally took over the company from my parents. My wife and I finally decided to name our Hotel Mattlihues (the original name in the Allgäu dialect).

What is my personal concept and story?

A few years ago, I finally discovered Feng Shui for myself. Far Eastern science is essentially about creating harmony between the elements. This harmony should then be transferred to the life situation. We planned and implemented the new building, which was built entirely in timber construction at the beginning of 2011, according to Feng Shui findings. Our mountain restaurant, which was renovated in 2019, also follows this principle. This is intended to enable an optimal flow of chi. The rainwater fountain in front of the hotel entrance also serves to draw the good energy into the house.

In May 2019, we were awarded the Vital-Energi-Gold® seal of quality by international Feng Shui grandmaster Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim. It serves quality assurance and makes it clear that all relevant energization measures have been carried out with regard to feng shui, geomancy and building biology. This increases the energy content of the property and the building and, as a result, the quality of life and work in the best possible way.

It is important to me that our guests also return home with good energy after their vacation. That's why our motto is “Sustainably well recovered”.

What special experiences have I had since I became a BIO HOTELIER?

In general, more conscious people come as guests. By harmonizing our house through feng shui and geomancy, we were also able to address a harmonious guest layer that appreciates the holistic orientation.

In addition, external factors and competition are no longer so decisive for success.

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