Unique Holz100 Hotel in the Allgäu

Biohotel Mattlihüs


Welcome to Mattlihüs – the first Holz100 BIO HOTEL in Germany! In the midst of the majestic mountain landscape of the Allgäu, our gem awaits you in summer amidst lush flower meadows and in winter directly in the ski area.

With us you will experience a unique place that is second to none: geomantically harmonized, electrosmog reduced and built with selected natural materials.

As soon as you enter the hotel, you will feel the unique atmosphere that surrounds our elegant rooms and suites. Smell the fine scent of stone pine, feel the warmth of the wood and look forward to exceptional sleeping and living comfort in the middle of the Allgäu mountains.

Living comfort in our Holz100 hotel

In our Holz100 Hotel, living becomes a sustainable enjoyment. Solid wood constructions paired with spacious rooms featuring exclusive refinements like free-standing bathtubs or dormer windows will make your stay a long lasting memory. Rooms and suites are made from the finest stone pine and are a feast to the senses. Take a look at the pictures and start your dream of sustainable vacation in the Allgäu mountains!

Biohotel Mattlihüs Holz100 hotel
Biohotel Mattlihüs Holz100 hotel
Biohotel Mattlihüs Holz100 hotel
Biohotel Mattlihüs Holz100 hotel
Biohotel Mattlihüs Holz100 hotel
Biohotel Mattlihüs Holz100 hotel

Heavenly sleep in our Holz100 hotel 

In the Holz100 BIO HOTEL Mattlihüs everyone who is longing for a restful sleep will get their money's worth. Sleep in specially designed pine beds based on positive Feng Shui, and experience natural environment without the need to worry about chemical components or metal; our beds are made exclusively from moon-beaten pine. When it comes to mattresses, we also only offer highest quality. 

Our mattresses are also specially produced according to our high demands and, thanks to their natural components, guarantee a particularly sustainable sleeping experience.

Holz100 Hotel with Allgäu mountain romance

For all romantics, we have put together a series of outstanding romantic experiences. Enjoy a bottle of our exquisite house cuvée in your room, take a romantic bath in our partner whirlpools or enjoy the majestic view of the Allgäu mountain landscape from the comfort of your bed. We have a variety of opportunities to enjoy carefree moments of togetherness. Off to romantic Allgäu mountain fun with lasting moments for two!

Climate-neutral overnight stays in our Holz100 hotel 

When it comes to environment, we always go the extra mile. As a member of the BIO HOTELS association, we have been committed to the highest standards in the sustainable hotel market for years. With no exceptions. By supporting certified climate protection projects, we now run our house in a climate-neutral manner. Of course, we also offer our guests the opportunity to save CO2 emissions of their stay. You can find more information in our booking section! 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our holistically sustainable concept and look forward to hearing from you!

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