The objective

Your chance to be active on the highest level

Experience nature on the highest level - that is Oberjoch located on the sun-kissed high plateau scenically nestled between the mountains Iseler and Ornach. In the middle of the Allgäu alps you find phantastic possibilities for sports activities year-round e.g. climbing, skiing or mountainbiking.

You are more into enjoying the fascinating panoramic views at a slower pace hence longer? At Mattlihüs you have come to the right place. We also like the quiet and harmonic way to experience nature for instance on a slow-down hike, a snowshoe hike into the silence of the wintery forest, a combination of hiking and yoga or on an instructive geomantic exploratory tour. Lern to sharpen your senses, feel spots of strength and recognise plants only by smelling or tasting them.

No matter which is your objective - you will be pleased from the beginning. Let´s go!

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