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For mind, soul and well-being - our mindfulness program

Our weekly activity program offers an opportunity for personal development, to gain new experiences, to get to know your body better again and to raise your awareness. In addition to nature experiences on guided hikes with hiking guides and nature experts, we offer popular additional options in the Mattlihues, at no additional cost but with a high value for personality. Here is a short example from our current program:

Shirin Yoka - Forest bathing with Gabriele Klug
a meditative walk, with conscious decelerated walking. Feel trees, smell the forest floor, which have different energies and thus harmonize your own energy cycle.

Tai Chi & Qigong
with martial arts coach Dietrich Rowek
Gentle movement sequences promote the flow of qi in the body and release blockages

Mindfulness yoga with Gabriele Klug

morning meditation and breathing technique with Gabriele Klug

Easy herbal hike with Melita Geißler
A trip to Oberjoch's rich natural pharmacy

morning yoga with Otto Miller Choose your personal weekly program at ease - simply enter your participation in the current program upon arrival.

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